Essay about The Principles Of Persuasive Marketing

Essay about The Principles Of Persuasive Marketing

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Marketing Persuasion
There are many things that go into the processes of running or even simply knowing about a business that you will invest your hard earned money into. All businesses have a goal to sell an idea, product, or service, to their targeted customers, but it is more complex than just mercilessly throwing your goods it at someone and taking their money. One of these complex yet simple concepts is marketing and how it works in the art of persuading people. This may seem simple, and many can argue that if you just “make your stuff sound good” that is all there is to it. Looking at all of the top companies or corporations around the world, you can see that they would disagree and elaborate on the subject more.
There are six principles of persuasive marketing, in other words, how to influence people. Listed, these six principles are Reciprocity, Authority, Social Proof, Commitment, Liking, & lastly, Scarcity. With these tools used correctly, it will be much more structured to sell your idea, product, or service with ease. In order to explain these principles briefly I will start with Reciprocity.
First off, Reciprocity is the idea of giving something in order to get something back. When you find a potential customer, make them feel as if it is “an honor” to get something that you are putting out. For example, studies have proven that if you are let 's say, a waiter at a restaurant, you are most likely to receive a tip if you give a sort of candy with the bill. With that same idea at hand, if you give the customer a candy with a note on the receipt like “You deserve this because you were such a cool person, Enjoy~!”, the tip will most likely be much bigger.
Authority, when you are buying something, in a way, you are gi...

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...any. Keep in mind that the average American person is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements a day, and it is doubtful that they bought into every single one, so what is it that yours stand out from the rest? When running a business those are things that you have to know.
Concluding, with today’s high tech society, persuasion has been becoming more and more difficult and competitive, even while more opportunities are available. You have to be constantly improving before everyone else in order to stay relevant in the market. Know the difference and draw a fine line between persuasion and manipulation, your company will run much smoother that way. While nothing is guaranteed and work is always either on the verge of flying or dying, it is worth it in the long run. But only if you truly are ready to keep up with the “do or die” attitude of business, follow these steps.

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