The Principles Of Normalization, Fairness, And Respect Essay

The Principles Of Normalization, Fairness, And Respect Essay

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Chapter 1 Project #1 pg. 25 - Relate the principles of normalization, fairness and respect to the standards of the Council for Exceptional Children for the ethical application of behavior management interventions.

Response: The Council for Exceptional Children presented a code of ethics. The code that was presented indicated that professional should only apply methods and procedures that do not undermine the dignity or rights of the students. As the Council for Exceptional Children believe that every student should be treated with respect and with dignity. They affirm the need for a safe school environment but at the same time argue that the school should be a positive environment as well. Our text reads, “The policy argues that clear policies should be in place to support a school climate conductive to respect and dignity of all individuals.” (Shae, 2012, p.16) The Council for Exceptional Children standards are closely related to the principles of normalization, fairness, and respect. The principles of normalization refers to support an individual with a disability receives in an environment to reduce the impact of the disability may have on the interactions with others as well as the environment. This goes back to treating all individuals with dignity. The principles of fairness is when you ask, is the intervention that is selected to change the students’ behavior fair to the child as an individual? In other words, is the impact of the consequence adequate to the impact of the behavior? Finally you have the principle of respect. This is one’s right to be treated as a human being not as a wild animal. This lines up perfectly with what the Council for Exceptional Children stand for. All individuals should be treated ...

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...ete shutdown mode and that the work might be too hard or there are concepts he does not understand.

Antecedent Behavior Consequence
Student asked to sit in the back by the co-teacher and was told no, he needed to sit close to instruction. Student got upset and formed an attitude Teacher tells student that he needs to participate and listen to the bell ringer.
Teacher told class to copy the guided notes from the board as she was going through them. Student still upset put his dead down on his desk and didn’t complete the guided notes. Teacher tells student that he needs to participate and had him stay during lunch to get caught up.
Teacher gave students a practice worksheet to complete in class. Student pushed the paper on the floor. Teacher picked up the paper and gave it to him and told him what he doesn’t complete in class (with help) will then be homework.

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