Principles Of Having A Goal Essay

Principles Of Having A Goal Essay

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Journal Entry: Oct. 18th, 2015
The concept of having a goal, and quantifying the necessary steps needed to accomplish it, is perhaps an extremely arduous task with in itself. The prerequisites for fulfilling this goal can range from insight, introspectiveness, and patience. Sitting at a table, reflecting on self-prescribed goals, and making the accomplishments tangible, can often be challenging as determining what a person’s goals. From the outset, I thought of three goals that are detrimental to my well-being, and whether they can effectively aid in dealing with stress.
My goals included two personal and one professional goal; using the DAPPS concept, I will attempt to create a fully functional blueprint in order to successfully achieve each task.
Health Goal(s)
I realized that my initial entry, at best, was ambiguous and not very specific. I mentioned the issues that deterred me from reaching said goal, but not the means to achieve it. To say that “I want to be healthy by time I’m (insert age here) is great, but every variable has to be taken into account. I needed to specify a tangible goal, once that also takes into any physical ailments or disabilities. My new, remodeled goal, is to live a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise by the date of my next physical, which coincidentally, is December 7th, my birthday. In order to achieve this goal, I have already taken steps to reduce my intake of processed foods and sugars, reduce my intake of alcoholic drinks by becoming a social drinker (i.e. once every few weeks if time permits), and started a beginners’ yoga course. I am using this goal to not only better myself physically, but mentally; by feeling great, and looking great (the byproduct of exercise), I will gain ...

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...eators of the event stress the importance of trying to reach the goal, as opposed to actually reaching it.
In order to reduce the stress of achieving my goals, I plan on creating and implementing three sub-goals to help with stress reduction. By allotting small fragments of time to the practice of meditation; as part of my daily ritual to reduce stressors, my goal is to increase the time of each session weekly. Also, I plan on writing in a daily journal, my emotions as a form of cathartic release, and as a way for me to observe and list my problems. Finally, sleep has been a major issue for me for years. I’ve maintained, for a long time, that I can function optimally on minimal sleep, but that truly is not the case. Through proper time management, and daily goal setting, I can maximize my ability to accomplish tasks, and add any remaining to time to my sleep bank.

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