The Principles Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

The Principles Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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1. Duties- Svara (2015) suggests that a touchstone of administrative ethics is based on duties that promote public service, benefits to society, virtue, and principles. Duty defines the “action required by one’s business, occupations, or function”, but also the action or behavior due by moral or legal obligations.
2. Virtues- Ethics of virtue focuses on the overall development of character and how each person has the ability to achieve individual excellence through effective self- reflection and the development of virtues. Virtues are attributes or traits that enable us all to reach our full potential as human beings. In this approach to ethics, an ethical person is one who has developed many virtues, which help them act according to their moral principles. According to Svara (2015), public administrators should be honest, independent, competent, and committed to doing their best, and at all times demonstrate a high level of integrity.
3. Principles- provide criteria based on judgments in relation to the way all persons in organizations are treated. The principles of ethics imply that all persons be treated fairly and equally, observe the law, and follow the direction set by their leaders or organizations.
5. Morality- refers to human character or behavior considered as the sense of good or bad; or pertaining to the distinction between right and wrong or “good and evil”. The basis of making these moral decisions can be based on personal upbringing and commitment to the values of a variety of groups. Morality on the other hand, is descriptive and describes the way things should operate, or behave.
6. Ethics- refers to principles by which to evaluate particular behavior as right or wrong, good or bad. Ethics refers to the well b...

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...g wrongdoing within an organization. Internal complaints provide many examples of behavior based on duty, adherence to principle, and personal and professional integrity.
17. Organizational Culture- provides a structure of shared values, and beliefs, which shape how people behave within an organization. These shared values influence employees in the organization and has a direct impact on how they act, and perform their jobs daily.
21. Open Meeting Laws- are laws set to protect transparency in organizations, every state has some form of law mandating all government business must be open, and transparent to which the public has access to. Citizens must be able to participate meaningfully in government, or at least have an understanding of what public organizations are doing. Sharing information is a basic duty and essential to supporting the democratic process.

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