Principles Of Environmental Risk Management Essay

Principles Of Environmental Risk Management Essay

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Element 1: Principles of Environmental Risk Management.

Learning Outcomes.

The intended learning outcomes are that candidates will be able to:

1.0: Explain the earth 's natural cycles and how the principles of sustainability are being adopted.
2.0: Explain the reasons for managing environmental risk
3.0: Explain the principles of environmental hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control.

Hours of tuition and private study:

9 hours of tuition.

1.0 - Introduction.

This section will look into the earth 's natural cycles and how the principles of sustainability are being adopted. We will look into the Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and hydrological cycles.
1.1 - Global, Regional and Local Environmental Effects.

Air and the ways in which it is polluted.

Air is essential to all life and we need a supply of clean air to function effectively. Polluted air can directly affect our health as well as the environment.

The atmosphere is a complex mixture of gases and vapours. Its depth is 8 to 15 kilometres, being deepest at the equator and shallowest at the poles. Without it, the Earth 's temperature would be approximately −18°C.

The layer nearest the ground is known as the troposphere and it has the most variation of weather. Above the troposphere lies the stratosphere, which is less turbulent.

Air pollution occurs generally in the troposphere and pollutants may be deposited by rainfall, reaction or deposition relatively quickly. Conversely, pollutants in the stratosphere can be very long lasting, examples include the products of major volcanic eruptions.
1.2 - Natural Emissions to the Air.

Most pollutants are emitted both by natural as well as by anthropogenic (human activity) sources. Natural source...

... middle of paper ...

...ngs to the atmosphere:

Each time you exhale, you are releasing carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into the atmosphere. Animals and plants need to get rid of carbon dioxide gas through a process called respiration.

Carbon moves from fossil fuels to the atmosphere when fuels are burned:

When humans burn fossil fuels to power factories, power plants, cars and trucks, most of the carbon quickly enters the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas. Each year, five and a half billion tons of carbon are released by burning fossil fuels. Of this massive amount, 3.3 billion tons stay in the atmosphere. Most of the remainder becomes dissolved in seawater.

Carbon moves from the atmosphere to the oceans:

The oceans and other bodies of water absorb some carbon from the atmosphere. The carbon is dissolved into the water. Marine animals are able to use the carbon to build their skeletal material.

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