The Principles Of Economic Virtue Essay

The Principles Of Economic Virtue Essay

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In today’s society many people struggle with the concept of economic virtue. We are very quick to recognize a lack of economic virtue in others, but sometimes forget that we may be demonstrating a lack of this vital attribute in our own lives. Creating this trait in our own lives is critical to our happiness.
Christ demonstrated an attitude of economic virtue as he went about his ministry. He utilized the resources He had to bless and lift others wherever He went. Even when the resources were limited, he used them to feed thousands. He asked much of the people who followed Him, but He delivered more unto them in return. As Latter-day Saints, we are doing our best to follow Christ and develop the traits which He has demonstrated to us.
Recently we have heard from members of our community, “business is business” and the view that church honesty may be different than business honesty. My bishop has warned our ward specifically against this sort of compartmentalization. As Christians we have been urged to love the Lord with all our hearts and also love our neighbor as ourselves....

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