The Principles Of Curriculum Development Essay

The Principles Of Curriculum Development Essay

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Principles of Curriculum Development reviewed the various foundations of curriculum and the theories of instruction and learning. Beginning with the history of education, the public education has progressed and was influenced by the actions and occurrences in the government. Many theorists impacted curriculum with their ideas on zone of proximal development, inquiry learning, cooperative learning, and learning techniques. Several learning styles and techniques discussed in the course are utilized today in my school and continue to enhance student learning. Meeting the needs of students will improve their learning and can be done by using instructional strategies like cooperative learning where students can collaboratively work, graphic organizers, and the project or inquiry based learning model. Paying attention to how a student learns best, whether a visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic learner, can be another way of meeting student needs. When needing to remediate students in RtI or MTSS, using teacher-led small group differentiated instruction is another method for instructional delivery. Classroom instructional practices should be monitored and feedback given to ensure student achievement.
To demonstrate, the TK20 assignments of the principal interview and classroom walk-through observations highlighted many of the learning objectives. Interviewing my principal, Patti Carson, emphasized the guidance and directive from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) when it comes to determining what standards and instructional goals should be used to measure learning. In addition, the curriculum for our school is determined by DCPS with approval from the FLDOE. However, at Ma...

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...udent learning. As a school principal, allowing teachers time to collaboratively plan and work toward the common goal of improving student achievement should be a priority. Taking time to address and measure instructional needs and proficiency is an effective way of not only improving student learning for improving instructional practice. Through all of the changes in education, one thing remains the same. A productive and effective school has effective teachers and is run by an effective principal. Being an administrator for 22 years was not an easy task for Ms. Carson, but one that wouldn’t be changed for the world. Reflecting on this interview, it is apparent that an administrator has many important roles and duties that must be fulfilled. Managing people and data to reach the ultimate goal of student achievement is very rewarding but takes time and effort.

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