Essay on The Principles And Obligations Of The Florida Code Of Ethics

Essay on The Principles And Obligations Of The Florida Code Of Ethics

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Deciding to become a teacher is a huge undertake for many people. A teacher has many responsibilities and must attend 4 years of schooling in order to teach. A teachers must be able to handle 20more students, gain students ' attention, make lesson plans, and thousands of other tasks. Yet most people do not think of one of the most important things teachers learn and must The Code of Ethics and the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession and make sure they do not violate on a day-to-day basis. There are 9 principles and or obligations of the Florida Code of Ethics, many of these obligations can unintentionally be violated in many ways so teachers must be aware of them at all times.
The first obligation a teacher has towards their students is to protect each student from situations that can be harmful to the students ' learning and mental health. Also the teacher needs to keep the students physical health and safety a top priority at all times. A teacher could unintentionally violate this principle by pointing out a child’s short comings. Also a teacher could violate the principle by not observing the classroom enough and a child could injure themselves while not following the rules or students could cause harm both physically and mentally. Observing the classroom is a good way to prevent a violation of the principle and keeping kids in a strict orderly fashion where they know the rules and are too busy to misbehave or injure themselves. Private conversations need to be kept private and negativity needs to stay out of the classroom.
The second obligation that a teacher may never restrain a child in any instance that would prevent them from learning. A teacher can violate this principle by maki...

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...on that can identify the child. Another way this obligation can be violated is by talking about a student’s medical conditions and or medication and naming the student. A way teacher cannot disclose personal information is by not talking to family or friend about the students. If they need help regarding a student go to a superior and do not use identifiable information.
The Code of Ethics is the manual for a teacher to teach and not violate students’ rights. Though there are many ways to violate the students’ rights if a teacher has a good foundation of understanding of the Code of Ethics from the beginning of their career and puts effort into not violating them. Teacher must remember these and should look at them on regular basis to keep them in their head. The code of Ethics is meant to protect the children and for any teacher must be enforced at all times.

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