Essay about Principle Three : School Attendance

Essay about Principle Three : School Attendance

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Principle Three: School Attendance
In Pierce v Society of Sisters, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled parents can send their children to the school of their choice. The state is required to provide education, but the parent is responsible for choosing the location of the education.
Parents are responsible for a child’s education. They must make the key choices regarding educational direction and set the tone for accountability. The school is the medium for content delivery and an important part of the educational team. Today’s educational system is full of choices for students and parents can maximize these opportunities. Regardless of the options, students must be present to reach their potential.
Attendance at school begins the lifelong habit of responsibility. Students who have regular attendance perform better academically and have stronger work habits. These skills transfer to their chosen career and to any additional education they choose to pursue.
Students are tested regularly to determine their progress to standardized norms. If a child is not in school, material cannot be learned. The lack of knowledge is evident and is reflected in final scores.
Unfortunately, students are often not always to blame for their absences. Parents excuse students from school or do not hold them accountable for attendance. Although schools do have stringent attendance policies, children must rely on parents for transportation and support. Schools often must make decision regarding denying a child credit for education when a parent is partially to blame for the situation.
As a result of attendance issues and the plethora of school choice options, knowledgeable administrators need to be versed in topics like online school, charter schoo...

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...hool students have less expectation of privacy at school than outside of school. Of all students athletes have even less of an expectation of privacy. Student athletes submit to additional medical testing and screening for safety purposes. Athletics is a voluntary part of school life. Drug testing ensures students are safe when they participate in athletics.
Conclusion: As a secondary administrator, having a clear drug policy for school and athletics is a critic part of school life. Unfortunately, students will attempt drug or alcohol use while in school. When parents learn their child is involved in such an incident, emotions are often engaged, especially if the child is not able to play a sport or participate in an activity. It will be useful to know the laws and principles behind drug testing and to have a policy set forth which follows these guidelines.

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