Principle Three : Active Learner Essay

Principle Three : Active Learner Essay

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Principle Three: Active Learner would be the most challenging for me because of the time and energy to insure that cultural mistakes and misshapes would be prevented or downplayed. When you bring the outside world into your classroom, you as the teacher need to still manage your students and the situations that might develop within the classroom. By allowing culture into the classroom you could set off a loose cannon at any moment yet you still need to remain in control and avoid ruffling to many feather in the process. By now you might be wondering what I referring to so let me provide some scenario.
You decide to teach a theme study on African animals. So you quickly gather together some picture of African animals like a hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, elephant, and some monkeys. The lesson is going well until you hold up the elephant and a student informs you that the picture is not an African elephant. You turn the picture to yourself and think I know what an elephant looks like so what the problem. You are showing a picture of an Asian elephant in an African theme stud...

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