The Principle Aims Of A Social Work Placement Essay

The Principle Aims Of A Social Work Placement Essay

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What are the principle aims of a social work placement?
As a student on a social work placement the aims would be for the placement to provide me with a safe working environment creating opportunities for me to learn and practice my social work knowledge and skills to prepare me for the future for when I qualify. During my studies I will be on two placements one in year one and another in the final year. Placements enable students to work with a variety of people including: individuals, families, carers, groups and communities in a variety of settings. Therefore having two placement in different settings with different people with different needs will hopefully give me a better idea of what area I would like to specialise in once I have qualified and registered as a social worker. Practice will give me the chance to see what everyday practice is really like and it will give me the opportunity to work together with other professionals and learn about how to work effectively in a multi-agency environment. Having practical experience I believe is important and this is what placement will provide as I do not think you can be taught everything, as experience comes with practice and practice make a better social worker. Placements also mean you are being supervised so you can always seeks advice and get constructive feedback as placement is about preparing us for the future. Placement will give me the opportunity to keep applying back to the nine domains of practice in Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) professionalism, values and ethics, diversity, rights, justice and economic wellbeing, knowledge, critical reflection and analysis, intervention and skills, context and organisation and professional leadership (Edmondson 2014). Th...

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...s the Practice Educator may be off-site. If the Practice Educator is on-site then they will usually have overall responsibility for the student, their learning and management of their workload making sure their going at the right pace. When the Practice Educator is off site the Practice Educator will provide the supervision, education and assessor roles through regular visiting again usually once a week lasting around an hour, however, if there is an off-site Practice Educator then I will be supported by an on-site Supervisor. The on-site Supervisor will then support me with day to day issues and ensure that I have sufficient learning opportunities within the placement. However, the Practice Educator is responsible for the overall assessment of my practice and they will support me in my portfolio, monitor the progress of my portfolio, and make sure it is anonymous.

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