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The Principal 's Office Essay

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The principal’s office was not a place that I visited often, and even more seldom was it a place that I came to on purpose. Just sitting in the reception area felt unnatural. I fidgeted in my chair: crossed my legs, smoothed my hair, and tapped my fingers. The sound of shuffling papers was the only reprieve from the professional hush of the office. My uneasiness grew in this silence, because it left me with nothing to do but think about why I had come.
Thinking was what had brought me here in the first place; me and my big ideas. Somehow, a little thought had gotten caught between my ears, and bounced around furiously, demanding attention, until no corner of my mind was unaffected. I wanted to graduate early from high school. Of course there was a small snag; my alma mater did not allow it. Fortunately, my young, teenage mind had no room to fit obstacles, as well as dreams.
Distracted by the romanticized notions raised from aspirations, I started constructing my argument. I had done my research to prepare for this moment, when I would officially ask permission from the school. I spoke to the guidance counselor and got her input. I communicated with online educational institutions to inquire about their classes. I even talked to a university to get their opinion. Most importantly, I had assessed myself, and I knew I could do it. There was nothing a little determination couldn’t solve; at least, that was what I believed. There was no reason for the principal to say no and I was sure of that: absolutely none.
Well, there was possibly one reason.
I needed to be seen as a professional, and taken seriously, rather than being dismissed as a naive student. Outside this office I felt confident in my abilities, however, in th...

... middle of paper ... independence and I pursue the things I’m passionate about regardless of their popularity, unconventionality, or difficulty. Foraging my own path is no longer a daunting prospect, because I have discovered that, more often than not, a lack of certainty translates to possibility. Pursing the aforesaid possibility, unaware of limits, has lead me to become more aware of my own potential. Today, I have accomplished even more than I imagined the day I set foot in the principal’s office, gaining experience in unexpected places as I worked to determine the role I wanted to play in the future. Now, I am a happy student at the top of my class, headed for an Ivy League school, a notion I would’ve laughed at not so long ago. Moreover, the beliefs I established due my meeting with the principal will continue to embolden and empower me as I move through my education and career.

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