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The Princess Process
The realistic life that a little girl has in her future is for her not be compared to the fantasy of being a princess. Most little girls dream of being a character from the Disney princesses which they can be identified by. Being either beautiful or heroic or is it the fairytale that catches there attention? In the other hand little girls try to identify everything perfect and pink like cotton candy. Then throughout their growth they start looking for more attractive manners to become women. Also the negative effect of commercial and media aspect on the perfect skinny figure and how is this affecting the ideal appearance. All of these were my experience in my childhood that I had to wake out of my fairytale. Being converted into a young mom with my happy ending fairytale broken made me realize that it was nothing like in the princess stories.
“The dangerous world of the princess,” shows the definition of what a princess should be “pretty, gentle, sweet, passive, tiny feet and a handsome prince” (Cochrane paragraph 1), that is why little girls fantasize of being all these things. They want to wear makeup, jewelry, dresses and have good manners while waiting for their charming prince to come and take them away and live that happily ever after fantasy.
But when little girls make their life around a fairytale and do not move on those thoughts it becomes a worry to adults if there ever going to move on from that stage. “The toddler had stopped running and jumping, and insisted on wearing only dresses. She sat on the front step quietly waiting, she said, for her prince,” (Hanes paragraph 1).
On the contrary, this has also had a terrible assumption on the dreams of little girls being boring while waiting for th...

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...ittle girls, the type of parents, teacher, and peers. “Monkey see, monkey do is what most little girls do”. I would say so because I was one of them .

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