Princess Mononoke, The Prince Of The Forest Village Essay

Princess Mononoke, The Prince Of The Forest Village Essay

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In the movie Princess Mononoke, the prince of the forest village, named Ashitaka was protecting his village from a rampaging boar god. The boar-god attacked his right arm and cursed him, but Ashitaka managed to kill the boar-god. He then renounced his title as prince and went out to seek a cure for the curse by moving west, where the cursed boar-god came from. Leaving the village is known to be a taboo, so he could not return. As he traveled he met a monk named Jigo. They met for a little while, but he left in the morning to continue his journey. During his journey, he stumbled upon injured men and took them back home to Iron Town, which was ruled by Lady Eboshi. He later found out the town has conflict with the gods of the forest, ending with Jigo stealing the head of the forest spirit. In the end, Ashitaka was able to return the forest spirit’s head and stayed to rebuild Iron Town.
In the movie it had a lot of things that had to do with culture and society. Culture is the “collection of values, beliefs, knowledge, and material objects shared by people and socially transmitted from generation to generation,” (Croteau and Hoynes, pg. 21). In Ashitaka’s village, their culture is basically nothing more than a rumor to outside people. They are more in tuned with nature and everyone in the village knew one another. In one part of the movie, Ashitaka came across a village and he wanted to buy rice. He pulls out a gold nugget and asks the merchant if it would have been enough for it. The merchant did not recognize his currency and responded bitterly to him, but as soon as Jigo analyzed Ashitaka’s currency it turns out that he was actually over paying the merchant. In his culture, the currency is of normal value to him, but in the villa...

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...ere to have Lady Eboshi in their lives and as a leader. The men and women of Iron town respected her and listen to everything she told them to do. She empowered them and gave them the confidence they needed to feel like strong individuals, and an even stronger society.
In the movie, it had a lot to do with culture and society. From the differences between Ashitaka’s forest village and the forest, to the industrialized Iron Town. The people of Iron Town had many cultural differences than Ashitaka. Their beliefs on the forest, their clothing, animals, and even the style of their bowls were easily contrasted. Even though Ashitaka took to their culture well, the people outside of his culture were very shocked. In other words, everywhere and everyone won’t be somewhat considered normal to one person. One should always have an open mind to others beliefs and perspectives.

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