Essay about Princess Diana: Shortened Life, Longstanding Impacts

Essay about Princess Diana: Shortened Life, Longstanding Impacts

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Princess Diana once stated, “The worst illness of our time is that so many people have to suffer from never being loved” (“Princess Diana Charity Work”). An effectual quote such as that, leads people to believe that Princess Diana was genuinely a warmhearted and compassionate woman, that she was to say the least. She was emotionally strong and was not afraid to venture out from the typical routine of a sought-after celebrity. Her actions spoke louder than her words, which the public prized about her. Princess Diana was a public icon and contributed to changing the world by working hands on with charities and organizations that devoted to make the world a better place.
Princess Diana was from a small village located in the Northern area of the English country Norfolk. Her father, Lord Althorp, who later became the eighth Earl Spencer in 1975, was married to Diana’s mother, Frances Kydd. The marriage of her parents rapidly fell apart, and the two split when Diana was just twelve years old. Her mother remarried just shortly after the divorce, but her father kept custody of Diana and her three siblings (“Diana, Princess of Wales”). Diana spent the next few years shuffling back and forth between her parent’s homes and made her best efforts to spend equal time with the both of them. Before her parents separated Diana had been homeschooled her whole life. At the age of twelve she was transferred to West Heath School situated in Sevenoaks, Keth. She never gained a strong suit in academics, but in her later high school years she was acknowledged and known for running errands for an older woman living in a nursing home not far from Diana’s school. Not only did Diana dedicate her time to assisting the elderly, but she also volunteered at...

... middle of paper ... day I would like to be remembered as a queen in the hearts of the people” (“Princess Diana Charity Work, Biography Online”). Not only is she remembered as a hero in the hearts of many, but her contributions to the world made impacts that will last for ages to come.

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