Essay on The Princess Culture Of Disney Princesses

Essay on The Princess Culture Of Disney Princesses

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It seems to be a part of society now, that everything offends someone or is potentially problematic to a child. One of those things being, the “infamous” princess culture, that teaches our girls’ to “rely on a man,” or “behave like a princess.” However, these ideas are misguided, the princess culture can actually be a very positive tool to young girls and boys, in many ways. Disney princesses, specifically, were a huge part of my childhood, so it is fitting to focus on them. Each princess was unique, she had her own quirks, goals that she strove to meet, and she searched for her own happy endings.
One of the greatest parts of Disney princesses are their unique personalities, few of which are negative. Young women should take these characteristics and learn from them, not reject them because they come from a “princess.” Take a look at the characteristics of Snow White, when she comes across the dwarves cottage she does not take advantage of her “princess status” but instead she works for a place to live. Soon after, she takes on a motherly role to the dwarves, showing her kind-hearted personality. This attitude all happened while the queen, “tried to KILL her...and the whole time she was really, really, really nice about it!” (Liechty 2013) Snow White exemplified a great work ethic, stayed humble despite her upbringing, and was protective and devoted to the care of 7 dwarves (not to mention she never even questioned their difference in stature,) while running away from a murderer! It is important for young girls to see that each person has their own personalities, so while watching Disney princess movies they are subconsciously understanding that. Through Belle’s thirst for knowledge and understanding and Cinderella’s kindness (...

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... able-minded, independent female lead, who can save herself with physical force, if necessary” (Stephens 2014) which is already a huge leap away from previous generations, and embodies what feminists claim to expect. When she finds out about her upcoming arranged marriage, she is openly defiant and states numerous times she is not ready for marriage, this is a huge difference from Cinderella or Ariel who married very young and early. There is actually a complete lack of romance in the film at all which “ is a statement that a female can be a strong lead and save herself or other characters without the assistance of a male character.” These new storylines have created a new idea of princesses and have made an already great thing, even better. The evolution of Disney princess movies and the women in them, have grown along with society, and they have grown beautifully.

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