Essay about The Prime Minister

Essay about The Prime Minister

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Thesis Statement There are very minimal checks on the Prime Minister’s authority and power has therefore become progressively concentrated within his possession. This has been intensified with the minimization of the role of the crown in Canada, as the role of the Queen has become mostly symbolic. There are also many forces that strengthen the autonomy of the Prime Minister and he monopolizes power on fiscal matters. Finally, he uses party discipline to his advantage, making sure that each member adheres to his own agenda.

Explain the problem in your own words (3-4 sentences)
Recently in Canada, it is being debated if the power that the Prime Minister holds has become stronger. The period of Pierre Elliott Trudeau as Prime Minister has been referred to as the time where the checks and balances began to grow weaker after the changes and transformations that were made. Whereas others believe that the system of a separation of powers still acts as a check on the Prime Minister, leaving him with little power. Overall, there is question as to if there are any more checks to keep the Prime Minister in place at this point in contemporary politics.

Provide some background on your topic. Be sure to include parenthetical references / citations if relevant (5-8 bullet points)
• Section 9 and 10 of the Constitution Act of 1867 declares the Queen and Governor as the ones who possess executive power, when today in practice, that power is found within the Prime Minister and Cabinet
• Responsible government was initially supposed to provide a check on the power of the Prime Minister
• Conventions form a large part of the Constitution Act of 1867, and it gave Canada "a Constitution similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom," deeming t...

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...gencies: the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Privy Council Office (PCO), which respond directly to the PM (Bakvis, 2001, pg. 63).

Argument 3: There is strong party discipline that adheres to the Prime Minister’s needs and wants and the Prime Minister ultimately holds strict control over the caucus members. These members have become trained this adherence as opposed to independent actors.
Sub-argument: There are measures taken to ensure party discipline such as the presence of party whips to advocate for the Prime Minister’s wishes (Bakvis, 2001, pg. 61).

Sub-argument: MPs have very little power within their party; they are ultimately are subordinate to the party’s ideals (Wilson, 2015, pg. 230)

Sub-argument: If anyone in the party does not adhere to what the party wants, they can be dismissed from their position within the party (Longley, 2003, pg. 490).

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