Essay on Primary Recruitment And Retention Strategies

Essay on Primary Recruitment And Retention Strategies

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There is an increasing need for nurse leaders; as they, as a whole, are growing in age. This means that there should be active recruitment and retention strategies in place for shortages of nurse educators and leaders, which are also referred to as succession plans (Kim, 2012). Succession plans in nursing are where leaders in organizations need to be training the next generation of nurses to take their place when they can no longer teach and guide. There is a critical need for succession planning for nurses, different methods can be utilized for nurses to establish succession plans in nursing, and the best way to learn how to establish one is to look over a successful one that is already in place.
Nursing Succession Plans
There is a critical need for succession plans to be implemented in hospitals, as they enhance the ability to achieve organized transitions in employment and maintain productivity (Fitzpatrick, 2014). The average age of nurses is approaching 50 years of age; therefore, nurses are starting to retire at a rapid rate (Rishel, 2013). “At a time when many are planning for retirement, their respective employers are scrambling to fill open positions (Rishel, 2013, pg. 114).” When there are no plans in place in organizations, positions are going to be filled with nurses who demonstrate great clinical practice skills, but their leadership skills may not be the best. This can also result in the nurses becoming overwhelmed in the leadership positions, as they are not fully prepared or experienced in that position; which will encourage them to step down from the position back into their old job (Rishel, 2013).
Different methods can be utilized by an organization to establish successful succession plans. One method is the im...

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...ccession planning, different methods can be used for leaders to establish successful succession plans in nursing, and evaluating examples of other hospitals who have successfully implemented these practices is the best way to establish it in their own hospitals. Hospitals need to realize that applying these plans ahead of time in their institution will greatly benefit them in the long run. It may take resources and time, but increasing productivity, and decreasing turnover will save them money and improve their hospital. “A key is to have a very deep nursing management leadership bench,” says one of the researchers, Titzer. “Once these key individuals are identified, they are groomed and developed so that when they assume the role, the stress of transition to the role is decreased” (Seymour, 2015). Succession plans can be beneficial for hospitals and nurses.

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