The Priest's Graveyard: A Murder Story

The Priest's Graveyard: A Murder Story

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When Renee Gilmore's mother died, she used some of the money her mom left her and moved to California, hoping to get her dream job; acting.
But that’s not how it worked out.
After being in California for a while, she became low on money. She connected with an old friend, and sold weed on the side.
Unfortunately, she ran into a man named Cyrus. The most powerful pusher of the South.
She soon became enslaved to him.
In her second attempt to run, she was hit by a car. The driver 'saved' her from Cyrus and practically made her into his own slave.
The driver, Lamont, brainwashed her into thinking he was the most amazing man ever. She thought of him as her angel.
When Lamont didn't come home one day and men with guns came in his stead, she ran once again.
Packing hundreds of thousands of dollars, she ran and moved into a hotel

She planned to take out the man who killed her 'husband.' Jonathan Bourque.
Danny Hansen grew up in a small town in northern Bosnia and was fifteen when the civil war between the Croats and the Serbs began.
After Danny Hansen's family was killed, he found and killed the men who did it.
He soon joined the military after that. After the military, he came to America and became a Catholic priest and killed more bad people.
Danny and Renee's paths crossed as they were both after Jonathan Bourque.
Renee because she thinks he killed Lamont and Danny because Jonathan was a bad man whom needed to be executed.
Danny saved Renee from Jonathan when she confronted the man about 'knowing' information about him.
Jonathan's worker threatened her saying she'd end up dead long before any of that information got out.
Jonathan came along and told the workers to detain her and call the police claiming that she is a druggy and that she is coming up with horrendous claims against him and his
That’s when Danny stepped in. He, of course, is a priest and tried to talk them out of arresting her.
When Jonathan left, Danny asked the worker to get him a glass of water, offering to keep an eye on Renee when he was hesitant.
When he {the worker} walked out, Danny released her and told her to leave quickly. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
After that incident, Renee tracked Danny down and went to his house asking for help to kill Jonathan.
They both felt an incredibly strong bond with each other due to their pasts being so different yet similar.

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At first, Danny denied helping her kill him and pleaded her to leave the country. She didn't. In fact, she continued with her plans to kill Jonathan.
Danny knew he would regret not helping Renee. He also knew that she wouldn't give up on killing Jonathan because she was to much like himself.
Danny knew what hotel was staying in and went to see what information she had gathered. He snooped around her suite and found that she had indeed been researching
how to pull off this stunt.
Unfortunately for him, she came home earlier than he thought she would and she found him.
He agreed to help her as long as she did what he told her to.
Together, they broke into Jonathans home and found enough evidence to convict him of his wrong doings.
However, Jonathan came home and found them. He threatened to kill them and they ending up killing him.
Close to the end, Renee found out that it wasn't Jonathan whom killed Lamont, it was Danny.
Lamont had killed a lot of people and Danny shot him.
When Renee found out, she set a new goal. To kill the man who took away her life. Danny Hansen.
But when Renee found him, Danny confessed to her and asked her to end his life.
She didn't, she forgave him and they confessed their love for each other.
They ended up moving in together with plans to turn themselves into the police by the end of the year. However, before the end was up, Renee with to Bosnia and confessed
to a priest for both her's and Danny's sake.
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