The Pride of Blue Springs: The Blue Springs Cemetery Essay

The Pride of Blue Springs: The Blue Springs Cemetery Essay

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An unmistakable crisp smell of fall hangs in the air. The old, iron fence gives a safe feeling, as the sound of gravel sounds under visitors’ shoes. Surprisingly, this is the typical setting of the Blue Springs Cemetery. The cemetery not only serves to house deceased loved ones, but also serves as a symbol of pride to the Blue Springs and surrounding community. The Blue Springs Cemetery, a Gage County Landmark, has a rich history and is an important part of community pride and service.
The Blue Springs Cemetery is in the town of Blue Springs, Nebraska, located in the Southeast corner of the state. Blue Springs is approximately 51 miles south of Lincoln and 12 miles south of Beatrice following Highway 77. Located one mile north of the Blue Springs City limits, the rural community with a population of 431 takes great pride in the cemetery’s rich history and recognition (Everson and Petersen).
Nebraska gives credit to the Blue Springs Cemetery as the “Oldest Recorded Cemetery” in Nebraska. The first burial and death recorded was that of Allen R. Johnson, on January 25, 1862. Johnson, who drowned in the Big Blue River, died on September 26, 1857 (125 Year). Originally, the Johnson family buried their son in a field on the family farm. They later, after the founding of the cemetery in 1860, exhumed the body and reburied their son in the new cemetery. His death is also marked as the first recorded white death in Gage County (Petersen, Minute Book).
Without the assistance of generous community members, the cemetery would not have been possible. “Pap” Taylor, a longtime citizen, gave the first acre of land, which inspired another outstanding citizen, namely “Uncle Bob” Wilson, to donate a second acre of land for burial p...

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...cestors and past figures of the town. People work incredibly hard on the upkeep and records of the cemetery, which brings a sense of pride and community togetherness. The oldest recorded cemetery in Nebraska certainly is a spectacular landmark to our state.

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