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Pride and Prejudice Book Analysis Essay

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In Jane Austen’s England, British heritage, it was said that “we certainly know the world of the English late 18th century and the Regency beginning the 1800s was very different from our own. Her novels of love and social manners in the Regency gentry are loved because of her brilliant use of language and her savvy insight into human motivation and relationships.” (1) The book, “Pride and Prejudice,” by Jane Austen takes place in England around the 1800s.The setting itself is what sets the mood, tone, and emotions in which is displayed within each character. During this historical time period, women had limited roles. Roles in terms of abilities to interact socially with others. Jane’s motive to have written these stories is to portray how life was in her eyes.The story displays specific themes, that are likely to be true within the nineteenth century. Themes such as Love, Marriage, Pride, and Social Class are all of use.

In Jane Austen’s Biography of life and family told us that,“Jane Austen was born December 16th, 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire, England. She was the seventh child (out of eight) and the second daughter (out of two), of the Rev. George Austen, and his wife Cassandra. He had a fairly respectable income of about £600 a year, and (like Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice) couldn't have given his daughters much to marry on.” ( 1 )

In the beginning of the book “Pride and Prejudice”, it tells the importance of Mr. Bingley at Netherfield which sets off the rest of the book. This states that, Bingley is not only in search of a wife but is wealthy. In the nineteenth century, it states that a single man must be wanting a wife.The narrator also says that even a single woman whose options are limited, are desperate for a man...

... middle of paper ... Even though Jane’s books centered the pursuit of romance. She always dreamed a similar life like the stories she wrote and told to come true for herself one day. A life of laughter, success, love, and children.
Today, most families rely on a more-than-one-person source of income to survive and expand their opportunities. Changes in attitudes and self-determination have been facilitated by technology, work and social reform, and by equal opportunity laws. Today, women have demonstrated and have made their position of merit within society's socio-economics. They select their careers, they self-direct when and who they will marry, and they establish their own goals and priorities. Women are no longer chained to domestic lives. However, much of what is taken for granted today, started with the socio-economic pressure, during the United Kingdom's Regency Era.

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