Pride And Martial Accomplishment Into Coriolanus Essay

Pride And Martial Accomplishment Into Coriolanus Essay

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have a heart as little apt as yours, But yet a brain that leads my use of anger to better vantage.” (III, ii. 27-29). She is a mother of Rome. After one of the tribunes accuses Coriolanus for treachery, he is unable to contain his anger while the public insults him further. Volumnia instilled values of pride and martial accomplishment into Coriolanus but the traits are fragile and he is easily offended because protecting Rome is a duty he has been serving all his life. Coriolanus refuses to take orders from a nation that misunderstands at such a caliber. Many Romans beg for Coriolanus to return back and leave the Volscians but his mother is a step ahead. Volumnia knows that if Coriolanus returns to Rome, he will betray the Volscians which will lead to his own death. Her masculine characteristics in war outweigh her maternal side. She is not only a mother to Coriolanus but a mother to her precious Rome. Volumnia is ultimately sacrificing Coriolanus to protect her beloved city. This maternal presence is shown after Volumnia returns to Rome and senator exclaims, “behold our patroness, the life of Rome!” (VI, vi, 1). She transcends further than just a mother; she is the lifeline of Rome. Her patriarchal ideas overpower her maternal femininity and her psychological control becomes a major factor in the death of her son.
Volumnia psychological twisting on her son’s manhood and pride allows her to easily manipulate his emotions, influencing his decisions and his own downfall. As a mother, Volumnia raises him and introduces him to the world. But she combines her a role as a military patriarch which outweighs her feminine qualities. The only maternal quality she has left is the motherly influence over her child. Although Volumnia raises h...

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...Coriolanus on what it means to be a man. However, her views on manliness are dark. Volumnia prays for warriors to give her son scars as a symbol of martial accomplishment. When Coriolanus attempts to resist against her decisions, as seen on his defiance in running for consul, she speaks down on her son. The wounds Coriolanus bears are less painful than her insults that treat him like a child instead of a man. After Rome brands him as a traitor, he takes sides with his rival and plans to attack the city that defied his accomplishments. His boiling anger is easily washed away through Volumnia’s cunning words that tread on disownment. Through her act, he breaks down, showing the lasting psychological control that she has held from his birth. Her blood stained threads are cut after Coriolanus’s death but she weaves again as she celebrates her maternal control over Rome.

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