The Price Wars Between All The Major Wireless Providers Have Hurt Profits At & T

The Price Wars Between All The Major Wireless Providers Have Hurt Profits At & T

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The price wars between all the major wireless providers have hurt profits at AT&T. The increased competition in the telco sector means limited market share for AT&T. The company recently had issues with their network security. The company public failed purchased of T-Mobile. AT&T wireline for business has been drastically decreasing over the years. Also, AT&T has to be attentive to FCC changing regulations. AT&T fortune 500 rank dropped down from 11 last years, to 12 this year.
AT&T recently purchased DirecTV which will give them access to larger media outlets. In addition to the media outlets, the DirecTV purchased also brought a growing Latin America and Mexico customers. Also, the merger will allow AT&T to expand their tv streams. AT&T purchase of Leap Wireless is for consumers with lower-income. This would help the competition with other low-income rivals. The NEXT program will also help AT&T keep the customers based growing since they can pay for their phone as they go, instead of paying a big down payment to get the phone and be restricted to a 2-year contract.
Economic slowdowns have been a threat to many entertainment companies. The economy slump pushed many other telecommunication companies to came up with similar ‘NEXT’ plans. Which also lead to increased competition with price wars. Like for example, Sprint has offered to cut customers of Verizon and AT&T bills in half if they switch over and get a new phone. Deals like this can harm many wireless companies. Also, other telecommunications companies are merging with other companies to gain more customers and increased revenue. Nowadays people are streaming their favorite shows and movies and walking away from cable tv.
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...o do their jobs and the leaders to do theirs.
Servant leadership theory says that leaders should be servants first. It’s essentially saying that leaders need to place the needs of its employees and customers above their own in order to be operational. This type of leadership is embraced more now than before since the shift towards human satisfaction became significant. In order for a company to remain successful leaders must take care of their employees and customers. This theory is recommended because this will be needed for a leader to be successful in the future. The leader would have to be customer focused. Almost every company that sales a good or a type of service gives surveys now days. Customer service is very important. The expected outcome once this practice is put into action is better customer surveys, happy employees, and increase in productivity.

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