Essay The Price Of Education Is Only Increasing As The Debt Of The United

Essay The Price Of Education Is Only Increasing As The Debt Of The United

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The price of education is only increasing as the debt of the United stated also continues to heighten. A ten billion dollar bill plan by president Obama making college free won 't actually treat the root of the current financial problem. A common concern to young adult in college, as well as the ones just entering, is the matter of cost for their education and where they are getting the money. In The True Costs Of Community College from the National Public Radio, NPR, segment All Things Considered the students interviewed expressed their thoughts on Obamas plan for making tuition free for community college. Rather than the expected reaction of alleviation they were concerned on how this plan would effect financial aid. would it still exist? Not only did the students question the effects, but they also wanted more money. The students wanted to know if the government will also cover books and other necessities (Hardamon). the reality of the problem is, Can a government trillions of dollars in debt afford to pay for every single student in America to go to college?

Most Americans are concerned about where their money is going and don’t want to underhandedly be tricked into funding a cause they don’t support. there should be no double standard when paying a tax. The discomfiting truth is that the strive for a higher-education is turning into a lucrative business at the expense of taxpayers and students (Fried & Salam). Not everyone paying a tax is personally supporting a student in college, so why do they have to pay a tax not benefiting themselves? It is common knowledge that our taxes go to the government for them to spend with the intent being beneficial to society. One of those items is to help fund public colleges and univers...

... middle of paper ... worthy of an education regardless of her situation. The Tennessee Promise returned similar result and effects, but the Tennessee Promise raises their funds through the Tennessee state lottery.

Both stories are real life example of a simple solution to make college free as well as simplify pathways to a degree and improve completion rates, concerns brought up in The True Costs Of Community College. And therefore, with the these means of financial help qualifying as scholarships, government funded financial aid should not be threatened. An affordable and even tuition free education is attainable, but it requires a community effort. If the entire united states implemented our own "Promise", either the states as a whole or individually, financial burdens can be avoided amongst families and free college tuition wouldn 't contribute to The United states growing debt.

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