Price Matching And Clipping Coupons Essay

Price Matching And Clipping Coupons Essay

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I currently fall between the lowest and second 20% in terms of my household income. Over the past month, my income experienced a huge decline and my earnings now fall a little above the Health and Human Services poverty guidelines for a three person household. I have made budget adjustments, such as reducing the number of times we eat out, and researching resources available for my family. For example, I contacted my electricity company and joined a program which will provide credits towards my electricity bill each month; I have also reduced my cable bill by changing my channel subscriptions, dis-enrolled my four year old from the preschool she was attending and cancelled my gym membership. I have found that I am much more mindful of the items that I purchase at the grocery store and seek out deals as much as possible. In the past I would throw out coupons and grocery store ads; however, I now find myself making lists, price matching and clipping coupons. It has been important for me to consider what is considered a necessity and what is not; although, my family has become accus...

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