Essay on Tuesday's with Morrie and A child called it

Essay on Tuesday's with Morrie and A child called it

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Tuesday's with Morrie and A child called it

In life, we must all ask the question as to whether or not we have
love in our lives. It is of great importance that we analyze the way
we live and determine if love is ubiquitous within us. Throughout the
stories of Tuesday's with Morrie and A child called it, we are given a
thematic concept that true happiness is only attained through the love
and caring of others, as well as that of yourself. This connecting
theme from both novels is exemplified through Morrie's teachings and
relationships, Dave's abusive and torturing home-life, and Mitch's
lessons on how to find and hone the value of love. First, I will
expand on how Morrie's love is expressed and gained through
significant life lessons and his emotional relationships with his
friends and family.

Morrie Schwartz was a fun-loving old man, who in Tuesday's with Morrie,
seemed to be just 10 years old. His love for dancing made him the
jubilant character he was portrayed to be. In the story, love seemed
to be an underlying concept that was recurrent in many of his
teachings to Mitch. Morrie was one who was never ashamed of showing
emotions. The recurrent hugs and kisses that he gave to Mitch were
sincere forms of gratitude, which ultimately began from his childhood,
since he was deprived of sentiment. Morrie's past forever changed his
outlook on life, as he spread his message of loving one another.
Morrie's most important saying was, "The way you get meaning into your
life is to devote yourself to loving others and creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning." Morrie lived by this quote, as he
loved to spend time walking and conversing with friends. He also
started the Greenhouse project, which gave the poor health benefits...

... middle of paper ...

steps in which his life becomes more meaningful and consumed with
love. Ironically, Mitch's new life takes a greater course at the end
of the book, when he sheds his first tear. Once he allows himself to
express love to others, he can finally live a life of true happiness.

As you can see, both books shared a common thematic reference that is
an important life lesson. The way we observe how Morrie gains
happiness in life at his ill old age is inspiring. The way we
understand how love can sometimes be deprived from us, like in Dave
Pelzer's case, is enlightening. And the manner in which we learn how
to change our lifestyles to find happiness like Mitch has done, is all
but surreal. Our society is filled with many barriers, but the key is
to find our path in life and keep moving to hold on to the love and
companionship from our friends, family, as well as ourselves.

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