Comparing Ralph and Jack to Show How the Characters Change in Lord of the Flies

Comparing Ralph and Jack to Show How the Characters Change in Lord of the Flies

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Comparing Ralph and Jack to Show How the Characters Change in Lord of the Flies

Golding uses many techniques to change his characters as they progress
throughout the novel. The main character Ralph is a prime example of
this developing character.

Both of the boys arrive on the island with a certain manner. They are
sensible and being from well brought up families and homes, soon start
to work together in harmony on the island.

The first time we encounter Ralph is at the beginning of the novel
where he is described as "The boy with fair hair…[He had] taken off
his school sweater...[His] grey shirt tuck to his back and his hair
was plastered to his forehead." The fact he has fair hair and also the
quote "built like a boxer" suggest he could be a heroic figure. This
emphasised by Golding when he clearly shows Ralph to be from a public
school as he "has taken off his school sweater."

We can see that Ralph is still clearly a child at this point in the
novel, he "stands on his head" and uses juvenile language such as
"Whacko" and "Wizard"

When the voice of piggy shouts out, he stops and waits. This shows us
an insight that he is willing to wait for this unknown person, but he
"jerks up his stockings" Golding uses this to show us that he is
impatient too.

Later on in the chapter we see Ralph being "offhand" and "obviously
uninterested" towardsPiggy. We feel sympathetic to Piggy as he is seen
as an outcast from the very beginning.

We can see that Piggy is knowledgeable as he spots the conch, and
knows what it is. Although Piggy found it, Ralph is the person who
swims down to the bottom of the lagoon and collects it from the reeds,
showing us that he is clearly strong and fit, as he can swim.


... middle of paper ...

...e and ape-like" and finally his painted face, hiding all
innocents and his sinister side. Near the end of the novel, he feels
no shame about the deaths of Simon and Piggy, nor his attempts to kill
Ralph. In the novel Jack and his tribe represent anarchy and the
downward spiral of civilisation. This is most seen when the conch,
which throughout the novel is the symbol of humanity and civilisation,
is smashed.

Both Ralph and Jack have changed throughout the novel. Golding
presents both of them as young innocent children at the beginning.
They are almost unrecognisable by the end. They have changed both
physical and mentally. There is an intervention at the end: the Naval
officer, jokes about them "having a war or something?" and this of
course is exactly what is happening.

The moral of the novel is with out intervention, which will win, good
or evil?

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