Essay about Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Essay about Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

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Analysis of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring is a novel written by a woman named Rachel Carson, which
was published in 1962. With advance sales of 40 000 copies the book
went on to be recognised in 1992 as the most influential book of the
last 50 years, and was held in much the same respect and admiration as
great works such as Karl Marx's 'Das Capital and Charles Darwin's 'The
Origin of Species'.

About the book

The book takes an in depth look at the hazardous and detrimental
consequences of the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in not
only agriculture, but in other activities particularly leisure. It
looks in detail at the effects on soil, rivers, wildlife and humans.
As well as providing information on research into such effects, a
brief philosophy on the solution to cancer and suggestions for less
toxic means of pest control, Carson also questions the role of
science. The author queries humanity's faith in scientific and
technological progress, and for the first time looked at the
responsibility of industrial society in the initiation of large scale
environmental suffering. Setting the stage for the environmental
protection movement. In addition, Carson disproves her former belief
that nature was too great and powerful a thing to ever be effected by
humans and their actions.

About the author

Rachel Carson was born on a farm in Pennsylvania in 1907. She
graduated from Pennsylvania College for Women in 1928 and went on to
study a Masters in Marine Biology at John Hopkin's University in
Baltimore. She continued her academic career teaching at the
University of Maryland before finding employment at the US Fish and
Wildlife Service. She spen...

... middle of paper ...

...ersial book. It challenged people, business
and governments that others had been too scared to question.

The book was an important eye-opener. It is difficult to say how long
the negative effects of chemical fertilisers and pesticides would have
gone unnoticed and ignored had it not been for the research and
writing of Rachel Carson. It was also an ecological eye-opener for the
general public, in that many realised that fertilisers and pesticides
could affect them even if they didn't use them themselves.

The impact of Silent Spring was powerful because the writing itself
was powerful. The reaction of the government and the start of the
Environmental Movement signify this power.

What is interesting is that Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is still an
incredibly relevant book today, 40years after the research was carried
out and the book was published.

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