Essay on The World of Wuthering Heights

Essay on The World of Wuthering Heights

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How Is The Reader Drawn Into The World Of Wuthering Heights In
Chapters 1&2?

The opening chapters of Wuthering heights are at times both confusing
and strange and deliberately so; they serve as an introduction to the
world of the novel the at this point in the novel, the un-revealed
complexity of the relationships between the characters. It is this
sense of mystery that reels the reader into the mass of events that
have occurred in the past times of WH and which lead to the enigmatic
current situation. Curiosity plays a major part in enticing the reader
to read further into the 'world of WH' at this early stage. I feel
that it is effectively achieved through a host of factors, including
character appearances and attitudes, the appearance and atmosphere of
Wuthering Heights as a place and quite importantly the first narrator
in the book and what he allows us to know about WH. Lockwood gives us
intense descriptive details about the appearance and atmosphere of WH
but fails to give us any real insight into the people or the history
behind the house. This introduces an ...

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