Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice Essay

Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice

Attitudes to love and marriage in the nineteenth century was very
different from the comparatively liberal approach of today, and strict
codes of etiquette were applied to Courtship for all but the lower
classes of society.

At the time of Pride and Prejudice, women's role was firmly in the
home and the young ladies portrayed in this middle and upper class,
occupied themselves with singing, playing the piano, sewing and other
such accomplishments that would enhance their prospects of suitable

Courtship was almost a formal procedure, and often engineered by
parents, wishing a suitable match. Jane Austin demonstrates this when
Bingley, a rich bachelor, is quickly drawn into the Bennett family on
his arrival at Netherfield Park. The book also shows the intricacies
of meeting and socialising the Bennett sisters with prospective
suitors and the restraints of withholding any affection's until after
an engagement.

If a couple were to exchange gift, escort one another in carriages or
touch intimately they were assumed, engaged.

However, in Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin also wishes to illustrate
the desire of young woman to choice lifelong partners for love and
compatibility, rather than arranged marriages which are set up for
considerations of wealth and social standing.

A lot of woman in these days were classed in gentry and were almost
entirely dependant on men. However if a woman did not marry she relied
financially on her male relatives. They were allowed, employment as a
governess but this was viewed as an unsatisfactory way of life.

If a woman was proposed to and rejected marriage she would keep the
man's failure to herself. She might tell her ...

... middle of paper ...

management"(Ch.19 p.319). Mary became more sociable "Mary was obliged
to mix with the world" (Ch.19 p.319).

Jane Austen has used humour to show us how silly some of the people
were in Pride and Prejudice like Mrs Bennets obsession with marriage
of her daughters, Mr Collins Pompous character and how Lady Catherine
De Bough is so snobbish and nosy. Then she uses Views

Of society and rituals of courtship to show the way people lived and
to compare it to our lifestyles today. Finally she used Omniscient
narrator to show us what the characters are really like and to express
her views through them. Love and marriage was very tangled in those
days because of strict rules. In the book however they overcame the
obstacles of marriage, which changed all of them making them happy or
unhappy, but Lizzy and Darcy were happy, as they loved each other very

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