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Herbert George Wells' The Time Machine Essay

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Herbert George Wells' The Time Machine

‘The Time Machine’ was written in 1895 by a writer, scientist and
member of The Fabian Society, Herbert George Wells. Wells (born 1866)
was, and still is, a very famous writer who produced many novels, but
is most commonly known as a science-fiction author. ‘The Time Machine’
is Wells’ most celebrated novel and it’s themes represent the fears
and anxieties of his society and background. Wells’ background was
difficult, his father lost his business when Wells was 14, therefore,
Wells got a job as a housekeeper at a grand house called Uppark. This
is important because it influenced Wells in his writing. It showed him
the strict division in the upper and lower classes of his society.
Also, at the time of writing ‘The Time Machine’ the Industrial

Wells originally became interested in science when he won a
scholarship to the School of Science where he was taught biology by
T.H.Huxley. Wells found Huxley an inspiring teacher and as a result
developed a strong interest in evolution. Accordingly he soon heard
about Darwin’s theory of Evolution and Einstein’s theory of
Relativity, which made many scientists of the age, including Wells,
start to get worried. The cause of this tension was that they were on
the verge of a new century and, what many people thought to be, the
Apocalypse. As I mentioned earlier, Wells’ time was deeply affected by
the theories put forward by Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. These
theories also sparked ideas in many scientists’ heads about the four
dimensions: Length, Breadth, Thickness and Time. Creating what seemed
to be the stupendous possibility of time travel.

The way ‘The Time Machine’ is structured is diverse compared to...

... middle of paper ...

...the ‘Morlocks’, who eat the ‘Eloi’ (cannibalism).
Wells has an unmatchable aptitude to create a sense of horror in the
readers’ minds, somehow, he taps into it and generates an unbelievable
sensation of terror and unforgivness to enchant the reader on the book
and nothing else. The ‘Eloi’ and the ‘Morlocks’ liaison reflects the
class system of Wells’ time because it shows us the ‘Eloi’ as the
upper-class people going round at day above ground. While the
lower-class people (‘Morlocks’) go around by night using tunnels below
ground to manoeuvre about the land.

All in all Wells was trying to warn us that the apocalypse or end of
the world as we know it was near and to prepare for the possible
degeneration of the human race. Therefore, my conclusion is Wells was
a very smart man, but evidently, his prediction was wrong, at least at
the time he predicted it.

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