The Significance of Simon's Death in Lord of the Flies Essay

The Significance of Simon's Death in Lord of the Flies Essay

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Explore the Significance of Simon's Death in Lord of the Flies.

The characters in this story are thrown into a world of their own with
no parents, no structure or laws and no protection from their own
primitive instincts. There are many ideas about society and the nature
of man represented in the novel. The theme of inherent human evil
battling with essential human goodness, as represented by Simon. His
brutal murder by the other boys indicates the scarcity of that
goodness amid an overwhelming abundance of evil. The death of Simon is
a turning point in "Lord of the Flies". It represents the completion
of their degeneration from civilization to savagery.

Simon is kind, thoughtful, sensitive, introvert and helpful by nature;
he has a friendly aura about him that is recognised by Ralf as soon as
they meet. Simon is used to represent what is good about the boys.
Simon feels at home with the nature of the island, it seems to accept
him and he is in harmony with his surroundings. Simon exhibits a
number of contradictory characteristics. He is community spirited and
helpful when building the shelters with Ralf, yet on occasions is
solitary and reclusive. He often walks alone at night through the
jungle and does not share the boys underlying fear of the darkness. He
is described as 'Batty', 'queer' and 'crackers' by the other boys but
quite what form this strangeness takes is never really explicit. Ralph
sits at the beach, thinking about his physical deterioration, as his
nails and hair had out-grown and are filthy and shabby. He realizes
that they lacked the basic elements of civilizations, showing how he
has become much more reflective over the fact that their being rescued
seemed as far away as the "miles ...

... middle of paper ...

...ilisation and
responsibility. Golding uses Simon to show that when we are in
trouble, we are likely to turn on the people that we do not
understand. Simon is unlike the others thoughtful, sensitive and
intellectual, he is a rather mysterious character who plays a key role
in the supernatural side of the story along with 'spooky noises from
the jungle' and his weird visions.

After Simon's death, any trace of rules and resemblance of society
that had been taken to the island had gone. This left the path open to
the vicious murder of piggy and the final man hunt for Ralf. Simon's
death is of utmost importance to the novel as a whole. It changes the
structure of the system of authority on the island and it removes the
only person who might reveal the fact that the beast is a figment of
their imagination and so therefore ridding the island of the boys

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