Essay about Differences in Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

Essay about Differences in Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

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Differences in Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

I want this and I want that is all you here from an only child. There are many differences between an only child and a child who has siblings. My friend is an only child and there are many differences in the way we act. She always thinks of herself first, but that is not a bad thing. Many of these differences are a result of being an only child.

First of all, an only child is much more demanding than a child that has siblings. The only child wants to have things done right away. When my friend tells her mom that she needs clean clothes, she expects her mom to wash them right away. Her parents do not know how to say no. If her mom would not wash her clothes right away, then she becomes very upset.

Therefore, a child that has siblings is not as bossy as the only child. Children that have brothers or sisters know that not everything can be done at that second. There are two other children in my house besides me, and my mom can not do everything at once. I am not bossy towards my brother and sister because I do not like having people boss me around. I am considerate of my family’s feelings. If I need my work uniform clean, then I have to let my mom know well in advance so she has time to wash it. I appreciate my mom doing my laundry. When my mom doesn’t have time to wash my clothes I put in the extra effort to help her out.

Most children that do not have any siblings are spoiled. My friend receives anything she wants whenever she wants it. She received a new car when she turned 16 and also here at college she has a credit card that can be used for anything at any time. Giving children too much does not teach them responsibility. An only child has no r...

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...he does not like to listen, and she does not like to take advice from others. She feels that what others do is not as high quality of work as what she can do. Also being able to work in a group successfully means being able to communicate well and this is once again hard for an only child.

An only child and a child with siblings are different in many ways. It all depends on the character of the child. A lot of the differences have to do with how the parents raise the child. If a parent lets their child tell them what to do then obviously the child will display negative traits. This doesn’t just go for an only child it goes for a child with siblings also. Whether you are an only child or a child with siblings, your life can be happy. As long as you feel loved and you give love it doesn’t matter how your family is made up. It is how you choose to live your life.

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