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Chris Van Allsburg Chris Van Allsburg has been named one of the most intriguing authors and illustrators of children’s books. He has a unique style that captivates children and adults alike. Often, a person’s background and experiences influence their work. Imagination has many roots into the childhood of an individual. Chris Van Allsburg grew up in a quiet suburban setting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the 1950’s, when he was a child, the town was a place that seemed like a haven for any young boy. There were open fields that provided places for the children to enjoy a baseball game in the spring. The houses were not separated by fences, but rather blended together by the yards. The setting in which he grew up provided activities and locations that fostered imagination. He used to go down to the edge of a river and tried to catch tadpoles. Walking around in the wilderness that surrounded his town could be very relaxing and allow for the mind to conjure up many ideas. The child’s mind has a great ability to make up stories, but when you are constantly “practicing” at make-believe, you tend to become better and better at it. You also come to develop your own unique style. As a young boy Chris Van Allsburg enjoyed drawing. He loved to sit down and put his imaginative ideas to paper for his own viewing pleasure. In school and with his family he was not encouraged to spend so much time drawing and painting. Since he was a boy, he was encouraged to participate in sports more often. Chris Van Allsburg abandoned his passion for drawing and went along with the pressures of his family and friends. He would not discover his passion for a few more years. When Chris Van Allsburg entered college he took a freshman cours... ... middle of paper ... ...books. His writing style, accompanied with the talented illustrations, makes for a great book. These are the types of books that a child would want to read over and over again. They are also appealing to adults, which would allow for a parent to spend some quality time reading with their children. I believe that Chris Van Allsburg was born with his incredible imagination. Through his drawings and through the courses he took in college he found his true passion. If weren’t for that chance meeting with his wife’s friend he might have never had the chance or the desire to write storybooks for children. Chris Van Allsburg Storybooks The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, 1979 Just a Dream, 1990 Ben’s Dream, 1982 The Polar Express, 1985 Two Bad Ants, 1988 The Wreck of the Zephyr, 1983 Jumanji, 1981 The Mysteries of Harris Bur*censored*, 1984 The Widow’s Broom, 1992

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