H.G. Wells' The Time Traveler Essay

H.G. Wells' The Time Traveler Essay

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H.G. Wells' The Time Traveler

H.G. Wells lived at the turn of the century. During this time, there
was a huge gulf between the rich and poor. “The Time Traveller’s”
socialist tone highlights the injustices of the British class system.
Well’s protagonist, imagines the future to consist of a perfect
society, where everyone is equal and technology is extremely advanced.
This view is based on mankind’s continual advances during his
lifetime, so he assumes we will continue to advance in the future.
“The Time Traveller” reflects H.G Well’s opinions about mankind, and
acts as a warning for what could happen in the future if society does
not embrace equality and humanity.

When the Time Traveller arrives in the future, he notices the “little
people” which are later known as the “Eloi.” They are all extremely
alike in appearance. They all wear tunics of the same material, have
“the same hairless visage” and the same curly shoulder length hair.
The men have the same physic as the women as there is no need to carry
out any physical work. He immediately thinks that this is communist
society especially as they all live, eat and sleep together in one
large building. They are all equal in every aspect of their lives. He
believes that the Eloi are living off the work of others and are
therefore, part of an “automatic organisation.” The Eloi profiting
from the success of previous generations when humans learnt to control
and harness nature. However, as now there is no-one left to control
it, nature is slowly taking back the world and turning it wild again.
Wells obviously believes communism is the best solution for the whole
world. Therefore, when the Time Traveller arrives in the future he
sees what he wants to see....

... middle of paper ...

“Can you return imagine a crab as large as yonder table!” There is
still life but absolutely no intelligence, this is the descent back to
the sea: there appears to be no life away from the water on the land.
The further forward in time he travels, the more obvious life forms
decrease, until there is absolutely nothing he can see, this is the
final stage of mans descent back to the sea.

The Time Traveller has many theories throughout his journey, he wants
to believe that the future will be socialist and more technologically
advanced but he finds the human race to be in a severe decline. He
also realises that the class distinction present in his society has
exacerbated and humans have evolved into two separate sub-species.
“The Time Traveller” is Well’s warning for the future; if society is
to continue in its present vein it will eventually self-destruct.

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