Essay on Robert Swindell's Daz 4 Zoe

Essay on Robert Swindell's Daz 4 Zoe

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Robert Swindell's "Daz 4 Zoe"

The novel 'Daz 4 Zoe' written by Robert Swindells is set in a not so
distant future. I will be discussing Robert Swindells' vision and how
far from reality it is. Robert Swindells' vision is a pessimistic view
of the future society. It is a view of society being divided into rich
and poor. 'Daz 4 Zoe' is a young romance showing true love and parent
trouble. It also shows how and why they can't be together as they are
both from different classes. I will also be discussing my vision of
the future.

In the novel 'Daz 4 Zoe' Daz is a chippy, which is the poorer
community. Daz doesn't live in a normal community he lives in a highly
polluted district with mostly abandoned houses and cars for those that
can afford them. Although on the other hand, Zoë lives in the suburb.
People in this community are called subbies. They have good education
in good schools. They live in proper houses they have cars and lots of
money. The chippies call money peanuts. Robert Swindells also gives
the readers a clear picture of the chippies that live in Rawhampton
who live in derelict estates. There is rubbish down the streets; it
smells of poverty (illness, death, stale food etc…). There are
probably opened rubbish bags down the streets. He also gives an
impression that the people who live in the suburbs live in luxury but
live in fear that the chippies who gang up (dred) might come and
attempt to steal, kill or injure those who live in the suburbs. The
subbies are determined to keep what they have so the have to work
hard. The people in the suburbs look down on the people who live in
the inner cities and see them as enemies.

Robert Swindells' vision is very pessimistic but it goes much furth...

... middle of paper ...

jeopardized, as machines will take over human's places. Which means we
lose our jobs. Apart from doctors and professional jobs as you have to
be able to trust people if there going to operate on you especially if
it's a matter of life or death. I think there will be the technology
to extend our lives but it will be kept secret as the world is over

My final thought is that Swinells' vision is not far from reality. I
think Swindells is taking it further than reality. In the day and time
we live in you can see smaller versions of this happening. Some
boroughs are richer than others and this shows as it is more littered
in the poorer areas. I think the world has always had smaller versions
of this happening. I think Robert Swindells has a big message in this
novel and that is to stick together forever and this won't come true!

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