Marriage Proposal in Pride and Prejudice Essay

Marriage Proposal in Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Marriage Proposal in Pride and Prejudice

During "Pride and Prejudice" there are six examples of marriage
proposals to consider. Throughout this essay I am going to be
commenting on the proposals between Mr Darcy and Lizzie the first
time, Mr Collins and Lizzie, Mr Collins and Charlotte as well as Mr
Bingley and Jane, Wickham and Lydia and the second proposal of Mr
Darcy to Lizzie. Whilst looking at these proposals I will also be
analysing the aspects of Love, Money, the relative status and class
and the views of others, which might have influence within these

The first proposal I am going to analyse is Mr Darcy to Lizzie. Mr
Darcy proposed to Lizzie in Kent at Mr Collins and Charlotte's house
when Lizzie was visiting them for a few weeks and Mr Darcy was staying
with Lady Catherine De Bourgh, his aunt. Mr Darcy and Lizzie were
first acquainted with one another at Netherfield's, which is the
neighbouring estate to Longbourne, Lizzie's family house. They met at
a ball, which was held by the new lodger Mr Bingley at Netherfield's,
and Mr Darcy was there as a friend of Mr Bingley's who hosting the
ball for his new arrival to the village. Lizzie and Darcy didn't get
on at first as Lizzie thought he was arrogant and unsociable. But Mr
Darcy's dislike for Lizzie gradually grew to love for her. It seems
that the continuation of this dislike was all a cover for his real
feelings as he did not want to love or marry a woman who was beneath
him in every state, money and status and especially the views of
others would of discouraged him to act upon his feelings for Lizzie as
he was thought of as much more superior to Lizzie and her family and
at that time it was thought of as wrong or unheard of to mar...

... middle of paper ... to get married over that age.
There were also many issues that a woman had to think about before
they got married, whether they were in love which wasn't a major issue
but it was though of as a bonus if they were. Money and status played
a huge role in deciding who to marry, rich men went for women of the
same class or a bit higher which made it difficult for woman of a
lower class or without much wealth to marry a wealthier or higher
classed man. It was thought of as unethical to marry someone beneath
you in any state. The influence of others played a big role in those
days as people were put under a lot of pressure to get married as soon
as possible and to someone higher up the society ladder. As you can
see the attitudes to marriage in the 19th Century in which these
characters lived in is very different to the attitudes in which we
live in today.

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