Essay on What Shapes Pip’s Character in Great Expectations?

Essay on What Shapes Pip’s Character in Great Expectations?

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What influences shape young Pip’s Character in Great Expectations

In the book ‘Great Expectations’, Dickens describes many different
aspects of Pip’s young life, which may have influenced him into
becoming what he was at the end of the first part of the book. We see
that he is influenced by his strange and remarkable relationships with
his sister, Mrs Joe Gargery and his relationship with Miss Havisham
and his meeting with the convict. The experiences of Dickens may have
been why he choose to describe influences like these, because he
would’ve seen these sorts of things which would have influenced
children in Victorian times, like a child becoming an apprentice, just
like Pip; and after all, all children find their influences from
people around them and their parents.

In the book Dickens is constantly describing scenes where his sister
Mrs Joe Gargery is bullying Pip, “ Tickler was a wax-ended piece of
cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled framed.” I therefore
believe that this is one of the main influences for Pip becoming what
he is in later life. I believe that this relationship affected him
because it made him more paranoid to what he was doing, just encase he
got the cane. A good example of this is where he is about to go and
steal some pork pie for the convict and he begins to hear all these
voices even though no one is around. “ Stop thief; Get up, Mrs Joe.”
This clearly shows that his relationship with Mrs Joe has influenced
him because it has made him afraid and paranoid whenever he is doing
something wrong. His relationship with Mrs Joe Gargery also made him
more courteous towards his elders, because otherwise he feared some
kind of punishment. “ I should like to know- if you wouldn’...

... middle of paper ...

...ieve that when he got this job he then saw how truly grimy
and common it was and therefore made him see what Estella was talking
about when she bullied him and also made him strive to become better
educated and in turn get a better job in London, which turn made him
become a greater person in the capital. So in this way I believe that
the fact he was an orphan and how he got a steady job with Joe may
have influenced him in the future.

Overall I believe that many things influenced Pip in his younger life,
be it his sister, his numerous relationships with strange people
including the convict or even his very loving and caring relationship
with Joe. But overall I believe that these things did change Pip’s
life for the better in my opinion and in turn made him go to London
with Mr Jaggers and made him the rounded person we see at the end of
the first book.

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