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George Eliot's ‘Silas Marner’

The novel, ‘Silas Marner,’ is considered to be a moral fable. The
author, George Eliot placed parental responsibility as one of the
book’s main themes. She writes of two different parenting styles,
along with the happiness and responsibilities that come with this
through two characters, Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass.

At the beginning of the narrative the character, Silas Marner, is a
completely different person from the one he was later to become. The
book starts by explaining how Silas Marner left his original home-
‘Marner had departed from the town,’ because of a false accusation
that his best friend had made about him. The church deacon was
extremely ill, and whilst looking after him Silas was accused of
stealing the church’s money. The religious sect that he belonged to,
a strict Calvinistic sect, drew lots to decide whether Silas was
innocent or guilty. ‘The lots declared that Silas Marner was guilty.’
The lots where superstitious and one of the supertitions was that they
believed that their results where God’s will.

Marner is over come by a sense of betrayal, as it was his best friend
who has committed such a cruel, untrustworthy deed, Marner looses all
his faith in God. Marner leaves ‘Lantern Yard’ and moves to a small
place named, ‘Raveloe.’ This new place is a completely new environment
for Marner; it was as if he had travelled abroad in comparison to our
day and age, we can tell this because in the text it states, ‘ he left
his own country and people and came to settle in Ravaloe.’ Sadly
Marner looses all his trust in people, he moves into a cottage in the
forest, isolating himself from human contact. He works his loom
producing linen, when he sells this li...

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...that where to special to
be destroyed by finance and inanamte objects.

This shows that Godfrey was too selfish and self centered to realize
what a strong relationship Silas and Eppie had. ‘ it had never
occurred to him that Silas would rather part his with life then with

Godfrey finally suffers for all his years worth of mistakes, realizing
that he cannot separate them, they have the same bond as all GOOD
fathers have with their children, with deep compassion.

The novel shows the need to love and feel compassion, with out it life
appears to have no meaning.

What we understand by the term ‘Parental Duty,’ is to support a child,
not just financially but emotionally and to bring up the child in a
kind and understanding manner, making sure that the child has respect
for other people also, growing up to be a considerate and gracious

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