The Worst Vacation Of My Life Essay

The Worst Vacation Of My Life Essay

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I used to spend the last part of my summer vacation with my uncle and aunt. As a continuation of a long-ago-established tradition we decided going to York - a small, picturesque tourist town at the seaside, located in the southeastern part of Maine. On the 27th of August, early in the morning we went to my uncle’s car with the entire luggage, prepared to leave and spend a nice, relaxing vacation, far away from the problems of the city. Unfortunately the unpleasant surprises started from the first second of our vacation. To our great disbelief the two front tires of the car were missing, and as later became clear, stolen during the night so at this moment the car was lying on the pavement, like a big wounded animal. I remember that my aunt said that this ought to be an omen of bad luck, warning not to go against your destiny and luck. After several hours repairing the car we, eventually, headed on, ready, for what turns to be the worst vacation in my entire life.

However, our lack of luck was not over yet. On our way to the seaside we had a flat tire and after one more wasted hour searching for auto-service and proper repairment we were ready again. Unfortunately, our complete misfortune was still with us. Near Veliko Tirnovo the headway was closed, due to repair works, so we had to turn back a few kilometers and find another, this time not so good way. By this time the day was quickly turning into night. From the car windows I was seeing only the lights coming from the distant villages and the workers hurrying to get home. I thought for a moment, observing those people, that humans are very fragile. They were searching shelter from the coming night in those tiny lights, as they can save them from the perilous dark. ...

... middle of paper ... hospital I understood that she was lucky, because she had no other damages except 3 broken ribs and many bruises all over her body.

That accident changed my prospective of seeing things. Long after the vacation I was feeling guilty because I had the chance of helping my aunt, but I failed. I was thinking that if I had not accepted her idea I might have prevented this. For the first time of my life I felt responsible for something. I discovered the meaning of the word “vulnerable”, and that made me even sicker. I was self-blaming for my inactivity and my helplessness. As the years pass I think that those memories are already left far in the past, that, slowly, I am surpassing them. But the changes are still visible- I am more cautious, knowing that every single moment is bringing certain risk and if I fail to notice it I may easily “fall from the cliff”.

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