Different possible themes in The Yellow Wallpaper.

Different possible themes in The Yellow Wallpaper.

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Different possible themes in The Yellow Wallpaper.

There are a couple different themes in the short story "The Yellow
Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Feminism is the main theme in
the story. Something else that could be a theme is being confined to a
certain area, excluded from the public, can drive one insane. Another
possible theme is control. Jane is controlled in her every move. These
themes are shown to be true throughout the story.

Feminism plays a huge role in this story. Back in the day women used
to be looked upon as having no affect on society other than bearing
children and keeping house. It was hard for women to express
themselves in a world ran by males. The men had the jobs, the men had
the knowledge, the men had everything that women didn't. It is
different in today's time, but some of the old timers still believe
the way they did back then.

Wallpaper is a feminine product, and it symbolizes female imprisonment
in this story. At first Jane uses the wallpaper to work on expanding
her literary imagination. After John shoots down her creativi...

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