Dom Casmurro by Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, and Chronicle of A Death Foretold by

Dom Casmurro by Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, and Chronicle of A Death Foretold by

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Dom Casmurro by Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, and Chronicle of A Death Foretold by
Gabriel García Márquez
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Religion is supremacy, perfection and spirituality. A typical Latin
American religious community heavily relies on religion to provide a
moral framework to guide and protect its citizens. However, projecting
religion in the light of perfection is superficial. In actuality, it
often contains flaws underneath its idealistic teachings. The
inadequacy in maintaining the idealistic doctrines is deeply rooted in
society. Such notion is reflected and commented upon in the novels Dom
Casmurro by Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis and Chronicle of A Death
Foretold by Gabriel Garci­a Marquez. In both novels, the authors
effectively criticize religion through their satiric portrayal of
religious authorities and other characters' attitudes towards

The two novels reveal the practical result of religion in a critical
light. The ideal doctrine of religion adjusts itself to the imperfect
world in ways that some times do not command respect. The actual
practice of the doctrine allows flexibility, which is often abused. In
Dom Casmurro, Bento and Jose Dias imagine that a journey to see the
Pope will undo Dona Gloria's promise to God. Eventually they settle
the matter much more conveniently by resorting to the local church. As
shown in Escobar's speech, the characters are constantly manipulating
with the power of the religious authorities: "Consult the protonotary
about it and if he hesitates, we'll speak to the bishop" (171). This
implies that the people often seek and take advantages of the plot
holes in religion.

The concept of religion as an obligation becomes obvious through...

... middle of paper ...

...o to mirror the Church's failure to
uphold high moral standards and use their authority effectively and

Through the subtle and detailed portrayals of the characters in the
novels Chronicle of A Death Foretold and Dom Casmurro shed a
criticizing light on the hypocritical Church present in the community.
Bento's repulsion to be religiously devoted bluntly reveals the
blemishes in the practical result of religion hidden underneath
seemingly deep devotion. The tragedy of Santiago Nasar explores the
other defects of religion, one that is present in the Church itself,
and how failure to uphold moral standards in Church upsets the
community. Of course the authors do not write solely to condemn
religion, they also bring forth the concept that people must adjust
their attitudes toward religion and then irrational, old values set by
the past Church.

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