Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following Essay

Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following Essay

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Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following
pairs of characters: George and Lennie (of Mice and Men) and Holmes
and Watson (Sherlock Holmes stories).

Compare and contrast the roles and relationships of the following
pairs of characters: George and Lennie (of Mice and Men) and Holmes
and Watson (Sherlock Holmes stories).

Sherlock Holmes stories are short stories, which involve investigating
and solving crimes. They include characters such as Sherlock Holmes
and Dr James Watson, these are two main characters who are in each
short story trying to solve case investigations.

Of mice and men is a story in which two friends, Lennie and George are
trying to look for a job so that they can for fill their dream to live
in a big house in the country and be able to have no worries. The
story is set in California during the American depression in the

The Sherlock Holmes stories are set in the late Victorian era when
London was at its worst. It was hard work back then because you would
have had to work in most terrible conditions, which was very
unpleasant. It was also very unhygienic back then because people would
chuck their sewage onto the streets, which caused diseases such as
scabies, cholera and scurvy. There was a major disease called the
Black Death, which wiped out a large majority of people, it was caused
by rats and it was very serious. There would have been a lot of over
crowding in the towns because the streets were narrow and enclosed by
all of the large buildings. There was a poor travel source, there were
horses and trains that you could travel on. This caused locomotion and
traffic, which made it difficult to travel around.

Lennie and George are two migrant...

... middle of paper ...

... Holmes likes Watson's
valuable gift of silence. Holmes and Watson speak to each other in an
upper-class manor. For example Holmes says to Watson "I would be very
much obliged if you would slip your revolver into your pocket". This
shows that they speak to each other in a polite manor.

Others see Lennie and George as two hardworking men who are very
ambitious and passionate towards their dreams. They see Lennie as a
"Big baby", who can't control his temper. Others see George as a very
protective and courageous man who is very caring.

Others see Holmes and Watson as two upper-class typical friends. They
see Watson as a quiet man, who is very inquisitive because he wants to
know about every thing Holmes does. Others see Holmes as a very
knowledgeable and well-respected man, who is excellent at whatever he
does. They also see him as a master of disguise.

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