What Kind of an American Am I? Essay examples

What Kind of an American Am I? Essay examples

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What Kind of an American Am I?

What kind of an American am I? To summarize it up into one word, I'm a proud American. To explain the characteristics that the word proud means to me, I took each letter in the word and made a new word. The new words represent the kind of American I am.

P - patriotic; Patriotism is a quality that shows one's love for his or her country. By being patriotic, a person is being loyal to their country. It shows that they support and care for the things others have fought to give them. I display my patriotism by something as little as saluting the flag to say the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

R - respectful; An American citizen that is respectful shows a high regard for the things that his or her country offers them. In America, we have ...

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