Essay Society’s Influences in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Essay Society’s Influences in the 18th and 19th Centuries

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Society’s Influences in the 18th and 19th Centuries

For Europe in the 18th and 19th century, change was everywhere. The Industrial Revolution was pivotal in terms of agriculture, clothing, technology, transportation, communication and urbanization. England is recognized for the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Because they had the government’s encouragement, the technological resources, and a varied trade network. Because Britain lacked oak and had an abundance of coal and iron, these two easy to mine materials then efficiently powered fuel. England continued to be persistent in manufacturing goods and raw materials. Soon, agricultural, technological, and social revolutions would launch across Europe, creating changes in society, forever. [i]

Agricultural Revolution

The years of 1760-1830 would change the face of farming forever. Farms and fields became more condensed and were easier to manage. People began implementing ideas, such as rotating nitrogen into soil for better greener and healthier crops. Hard to grow crops like turnips and potatoes were now was feasible. Agricultural geniuses like Jethro Tull and Lord Townshend stressed the value of root crops. Two of Tull’s most valuable contributions to the agricultural revolution were the seed drill and horse hoe. [ii] The seed drill sped up the planting process by drilling a whole in the soil, placing the seed in the whole, and then a succession of metal discs would fill in the whole, covering the seed. Not only was this a more efficient technique, it also protected animals and Mother Nature from interfering with the growing process.

[iii] Tull’s horse hoe pulled weeds while burrowing straight lines for seeds to be sown. Lord ''Turnip'' Townshend is mo...

... middle of paper ...

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