The Revolution of 1848 and Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto Essay

The Revolution of 1848 and Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto Essay

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The Revolution of 1848 and Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto

There were two major things that happened in Europe in 1848. One of those things was the Revolution of 1848. The other was the publication of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx. The Revolution of 1848, and the Communist Manifesto tie into each other very well. The Revolution was calling for a change in society, and so was Marx through the writing of his Manifesto. The revolution was a foundation for changes to take place in Europe. Due to the Revolution, socialism and communism began to rise.

The Revolution of 1848 affected much of Europe. Almost all of the countries in Europe with the exception of England and Russia were involved in the Revolution. The Revolution shook the countries in which a bourgeois elite led the opposition against reactionary governments. Russia was not involved for the fact that they did not have any bourgeois, and England was not involved because after the electoral reform of 1832, the English bourgeois was no longer in opposition.

In 1848, France was in turmoil. There was high unemployment in France at that time. Workers went to barricades in the streets. Upheaval broke out all over the country. Men went to barricades and forced the king into exile. It was very hard for many of the people to make any money in France at that time. The money for factory workers was quite scarce. Factory workers barely made enough money to survive on.

In 1848, a woman’s newspaper came out that was called the Voice of Women (voix de femmes). The women of France were the authors of this newspaper. These women called for freedoms of their own. Women wanted the ability to vote, and they wanted m...

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