Asian Values: Do they exist? Essay examples

Asian Values: Do they exist? Essay examples

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Asian Values: Do they exist?

On the face of it, the existence of ‘Asian Values’ seems illusory.
After the humiliation of the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, the sounding
of the death knell for the Asian-values debate seemed imminent. Yet
with the recent ascension of China as an economic superpower and
similar economic miracles in the East, some began to speculate about
‘Asian Values’ and its inherent superiority in the political, economic
and social structures in countries.

‘Asian values’ can be termed as a set of values shared by people of
many different nationalities and ethnicities living in East and
Southeast Asia. Often seen in the context of religion, Taoism, Islam
and Buddhism have fashioned or influenced the basis of many values.
Despite some minor differences in the value systems of these
religions, they generally agree on certain areas. These include a
stress on the community rather than the individual, a reliance on the
moral fabric of human relations and conventions, a particular emphasis
on thriftiness and hard work, and a respect for political leadership
amongst others. In order to examine whether these Asian values still
have credence in today’s world, we must look at four areas of study:
the influence of globalization, the policies of government, adoption
of Asian values into economics, and the changing social fabric of

There can be no doubt that globalization in the past decades has had a
profound influence on the traditional v...

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