The Merger Between Gillette and Procter and Gamble Essay

The Merger Between Gillette and Procter and Gamble Essay

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"This merger is going to create the greatest consumer-products company
in the world … It's a dream deal." Warren Buffett

"This was two companies with great products, strong management and
terrific business models coming together to create arguably the best
consumer product company in the world" Michael Barbaro, Washington


The merger between Gillette and Procter and Gamble is indeed a
strategic move on the part of both parties. It is a corporate
marriage creating a union between male and female product lines; a
contract valued at more than $55 billion dollars. [2] Commanding
virtually the entire market, Gillette has been the world leader in the
production of razors and other shaving products. In 2004, their
global share of the razor market was 71.5%, nearly five times that of
their nearest competitor. However, Gillette’s depth runs much deeper
than simply shaving accessories; oral care products, cosmetics, and
domestic appliances are a significant party of their sales arsenal.
With the acquisition of Duracell Batteries in 1995, Gillette then
became a major sales force in the battery market. In fiscal year
2004, their net sales were $10.47 million, a 13% increase from the
2003 figure.

Meanwhile, Procter and Gamble is the biggest manufacturer of domestic
products, with over 270 brands that are categorized in 6 different
marketing sectors: laundry and cleaning (detergents), paper goods
(toilet paper), beauty care (cosmetics, shampoos), food and beverages
(coffee and snacks), feminine care (personal hygiene products) and
healthcare (toothpaste, medicine). Like Gillette, P&G also exceeded
their 2004 financial expectations exceeding their sales target by
19.6%.[3] Both companies share a culture of innovation and a
history of cooperation and is a marriage that will most likely lead to
prosperous financial returns in the years to come.


The history of the Gillette Company is incredibly interesting, dating
back to 1894 when it founder, King Camp Gillette, invented the safety
razor. Gillette developed the idea of a disposable razor while
working as a salesman. In his travels and interaction with males of
all walks of life, Gillette stumbled upon the idea of the ‘disposable
safety razor’ that men shaving on their own would find much more
convenient and user friendly. Before the adve...

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...tivity Drove Deal,” The
Washington Post, January 29, 2005.

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