Essay on What is drama? The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious

Essay on What is drama? The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious

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What is drama? The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious
play for theatre, television or radio.


What is drama? The Collins dictionary describes drama as a serious
play for theatre, television or radio.

Drama is enjoyed today as much if not more than in when it was
invented. Everyone around the world in some time in their lives has
relied on drama to bring pleasure, fear and entertainment.

Millions of people have become famous and have earned their living
through bringing drama to the public through the silver screen and
through the small screen. Today drama has expanded from the stage that
it started from. It is not necessary for people to have to purchase
tickets and go to the theatre for all their entertainment needs. Today
technology has helped drama mature. The public is able to view their
favourite soap opera or comedy program on the television or on the

William Shakespeare was and still today is believed to be the greatest
playwright of all time. He had the ability to pack the theatre every
night when he was performing in one of his 37 plays of comedies,
histories and tragedies.

Baz Ulhrman described him as being "incredibly popular"

In the late 16th century Shakespeare's plays were the main for of
entertainment for everyone in the land, not only the important people
but the commoners as well.

There is not much information on Shakespeare but scholars believe that
his parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. HE did not go to a
university. He was not an only child-he had seven siblings some of
them which did not survive infancy. He was born in 1564 in Stratford -
upon - Avon, Warwickshire and the attended Stratford grammar school.
Due to his siblings' death he was then the eldest son so he became an
apprentice at his father's stop he did not stick to thins job.

He married Anne Hathaway at the age of eighteen and it is believed
that he may have become schoolmaster.

Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway had a daughter in 1583 and twins (one
boy and one girl) in 1585. The boy did not see it through infancy. He
then became an actor then began to write plays which are still being
performed and studied today.

Shakespeare spent all of his life in England and never left it
although he wrote plays about different countries. Shakespeare retired
from acting, di...

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...eginning then goes into the Macbeth script
to give the effect that the information that the witches were
discussing was the main content and that the viewers just catch ending
bit of their conversation.

I prefer Polanski's version of Macbeth as it is eerie and very
original and it stays away form the stereotypical witches.

If I were to make a version of Macbeth by William Shakespeare I would
set it in the present day in America and have the language of today to
attract a younger audience as it is hard for people to understand
Shakespeare by today's standards. Macbeth's kingdom would be territory
of a gang boss in New York. King Duncan would be the previous head of
the gang. To acquire the power of honour Macbeth would kill Duncan in
the open to make sure that people do not mess with him. The witches
would be women of the street that appear in alley ways when Macbeth is
travelling from place to place and tell him secrets of different gangs
and other information. The main story would stay the same with all the
original characters within it. It would combine a William Shakespeare
play with a modern action film as the way Romeo and Juliet was made a
few years ago.

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