Essay on Cancer - Separating Science from Sensationalism

Essay on Cancer - Separating Science from Sensationalism

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Separating Science from Sensationalism in the Media

     Today there are many different theories concerning cancer and the causes of it. There are constantly new experiments being done on animals for the testing of different products to see if they may possibly cause cancer. These experiments often use rats and a very high dosage of a substance. Many of these results do not really apply to humans because of all the differences in the circumstances. When the media gets a hold of the results of these experiments, they often blow them out of proportion and scare people because they don't quite tell the whole story.


There are many instances where I have found this happening. The most obvious incidents appear in watching the news or reading the paper. The media is always talking about something new to stay away from. Recently there was a health scare concerning laxatives. The FDA came out with reports that a main ingredient in laxatives causes cancer in rats. ACSH strongly disagrees with this argument and states that there have been no cases linking phenolphthalein, th...

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